Stock Issues

Posted by Craig Stone on

We are having a few issues with stock at the moment. 

Firstly, our bottling machine has an issue - A part has broken and we are in the process of fixing it. This only affects 10mls currently.

Secondly, we are awaiting a delivery of labels, as our printer is also broken. As these are now outsourced, there has been a delay on them.

We are also having problems with our older batches- 


As the stock lowers, bottles that have been at the bottom are slightly damp in the caps. This affects the 10ml black capped bottles only. It may seem the bottles are leaking on arrival, but they are checked before being packed to ensure they are full. There may be liquid in the cap but this will be from other bottles leaking in the tubs.

 Please bare with us while we do our best to get everything back to normal

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