Advice On Vaping

Advice on Vaping

This is general advice that hopefully covers a few bits and bobs mainly for newer vapers, it is not intended to be a bible of vaping but hopefully may answer a few questions you may have.
Mouth to lung vs sub ohm
These are the different styles of vaping, it is not a case of one is better than the other, it is personal choice albeit many prefer sub ohm.
Mouth to lung – the vapour is sucked into the mouth then inhaled to the lungs, this replicates smoking a cigarette most closely.  The mouthpiece tends to be a smaller diameter and often the nicotine strength of the liquids used are higher, they satisfy nicotine cravings by the strength of the liquid.  Mouth to lung devices tend to use less liquid than sub ohm but also produce a smaller cloud of vapour.  They also run at lower wattages.
Sub ohm – The vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs (like using an inhaler).  The mouthpieces have a wider diameter and the levels of nicotine are lower, they satisfy the nicotine cravings by the amount of vapour inhaled.  They produce a bigger cloud, use more liquid and run at higher wattage’s.
Vaper’s Cough
This can be common when you first switch from smoking to vaping, each time you inhale you cough.  It is caused by the vape washing the tar off the hairs in your throat, some people get it, some don’t.  The good news is as long as you keep vaping and don’t smoke it tends only to last a maximum of 2 days and often a lot less.
Nicotine Strength
If you’re looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, ensuring you choose the right level of nicotine in your e-liquid is a big part.
If when starting out vaping you’re not reaching the nicotine hit you are used to when smoking, there may be a risk that you return to cigarettes. Therefore when buying e-liquid, the strength of the nicotine is a important.
If you find you are getting a burning sensation in your throat whilst vaping the usual cause is the nicotine level of your liquid is too high, try the next strength down.
0mg- Nicotine Free E-Liquid is not recommended for new starters.
3mg- Recommended for very light smokers
6mg- Recommended for those who smoke around 10-15 cigarettes a day
12mg- Recommended for heavy smokers who have around 20+ cigarettes a day
Battery Charging
Built in battery – most ecigs need to be charged with a 1amp charge, please read the instructions that came with your e-cigarette. If you charge at more than 1amp there is a high risk you will damage the battery and not be able to use the ecig.  NB Samsung speed chargers are 3amp plugs.  Portable power packs are also higher amp than 1amp.
Removable batteries – It is strongly recommended to use a battery charger rather than charging using the cable, there are several good reasons for this.  Firstly a charger will ensure your batteries are balanced and married together which means they will power your ecig more efficiently, secondly charging via the cable puts your ecig at risk, any small power surge can fry the chip and wreck your ecig.  Please read the following paragraph on battery safety.
Battery Safety
We have all read the stories of batteries exploding etc, all of these are down to one cause – User error, the person using the batteries has done something wrong.
New Batteries – no matter if your mod takes 2,3 or even 4 batteries buy them all together at the same time, the same brand and from the same place.  Charge the batteries together and this will marry them, never mix married batteries even if they are the same brand, many vapers number their sets of batteries or mark them to identify each set.  This is best practice.
The saying “you get what you pay for” is so very true with batteries, there have been countless cases of fake or re-wrapped batteries being sold online and sadly even in some local vape shops!
Battery Care
Look after your batteries and they will look after you.  Check the batteries every time you charge them, look for little rips in the covers, cracks in the insulator cap (on the positive end), any signs of damp showing through the wrap, the positive or negative ends being pushed in.  Wraps can be replaced for a few pence, buying new batteries is far cheaper than buying a new device.
Finally and most importantly never EVER carry batteries in pockets or bags unless then are in a battery case.
General Care
If you spill liquid on your mod, mop it up immediately using tissue, if liquid gets inside your device it can cause it to stop working.  Ensure the screw connection between the tank and device is kept clean and dry, again tissue can be used.  Remember that pin is the only connection between the device and the tank.
You can clean your tank using water including washing up liquid diluted, all parts except the 510 pin connection (the base of the tank).  Once clean allow to dry or dry with a tissue or cloth.  Do not attempt to wash out your coil.
Every coil has a wattage range to use them at, this is on the pack and very often etched onto the coil itself.  If you run your device at too high a wattage for the coil you will burn your coil out quicker, if you run it too low then the liquid may not totally vaporize and you can get hot liquid in your mouth when you take a pull on it.
Coil life – This is one of the most common questions we get asked in DripDrop, “How long does a coil last”?  It depends on several factors:
  • - How much do you vape
  • - The liquid you use, sweetened liquid kill coils faster
  • - Wattage, as mentioned above, if you vape at a higher watts than recommended you coils life will be shorter.
    Coils are machine made and there will be tolerances so coil life cannot be exactly predicted, two identical coils may have different lifespans.
    When to change the coil – There are signs to look for that the coil is getting ready for changing.  Many vapers notice a change in the taste of the juice they are using, this is often the first sign the coil is getting ready to be changed.  Eventually the vape will taste bitter, a taste of burnt cotton, this is the end of the life span for the coil.
    Different Types of Vape Terminology
    • RTA- Rebuild-able Tank Atomiser- A rebuildable tank where the user inserts their own coils & cotton.

    • RDA- Rebuild-able Dripping Atomiser- A vaper will make their own coils and insert cotton into them. They can then drip liquid rather than filling up a tank.

    • RDTA- Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomiser- A tank which draws liquid from coils on the top from liquid in the base.

    • Clearomiser- A general term for the old style tanks. Example- The Aspire K1 & K2

    • Squonk- A device which has an RDA on the top with a mod which contains a silicon bottle underneath. To squonk is to squeeze juice from the bottle to under the RDA using a squonk pin.

    • Stock Coil tanks- A tank with no much messing. Insert a premade coil, prime it with e-liquid & fill up.

    The Facts
    We have all seen and heard the scare stories about vaping and health.  I prefer to listen to facts so here are a few links from Health Experts:
    Public Health England
    Cancer Research UK
    Popcorn Lung
    We were all new to vaping at some point.  If you are unsure ask us before purchasing and we will be happy to help.
    (Thanks to our staff member John for most of this write up)