Why we would NOT stock disposables and why they are bad!

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Disposables are killing the world (and vape industry)  

You go out on a night out and may not want to take your full E-Cig with you, so you go to the petrol station/corner shop and pick up a disposable. 
These are then discarded in bins or thrown on the floor.
While you enjoyed that 2ml of 20mg nicotine, the discarded lithium-ion battery can then be picked up by a child or an animal, or washed out to sea damaging our oceans and wildlife. 

These kits cost £5 + lasting little less than 2 days and many contain none TPD Compliant E-Liquid from outside the UK.

E-liquid manufacturers here in the UK are trying to battle against these utter horrible creations, where instead, you can buy a 10ml bottle from as little as £1 and a kit from around £12 that can be refilled time and time again. 

Ask your high school sons & daughters how many of their friends have a brightly coloured plastic stick filled with 20mg (50mg are also being sold- which is illegal!!) and I bet they say a few. Most customers asking say they want 2% thinking it's low but when we explain that that is 20mg they are shocked! 

As a guide, the amount of nicotine in a cigarette contains between 6.17 to 12.65 mg. These young people will not understand how bad they are, so it is down to you and us to teach them. 

These disposables need banning!
Most of these have the same flavours - Pineapple Ice, Mango Ice...why? Because almost all disposable vapes are brought in from China, pre-filled with who knows what?!

It cost us tens of thousands of pounds to have our 10ml E-Liquid tested by the MHRA. We also bought 2 machines to bottles up those flavours to the highest standards. Why? Because we care about an industry that is at risk us becoming obsolete.

Support us and other UK E-Liquid Manufactures now before it is too late! 
Even E-Cigarette/Vape Reviewers are refusing to review them so that tells a tale too doesn't it?! 


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