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Established in 2015, we began bottling 30ml bottles by hand in a tiny warehouse.

7 years later, we now have 2 automated bottling lines which are capable of making 100k bottles a day in a dedicated ISO7 cleanroom based in our latest factory in Thornton-Cleveleys.

We have 10mls, 50ml and 100ml. Plus 2 ratios of nicotine shots. 

The 50ml range will continue to grow this year as we work on different flavours. 

All our manufacturing is done inside our ISO7 cleanroom, featuring state of the art mixing room, with separate bottling & labelling rooms.

Please help us grow by telling friends and family about us. 
We also need reviews so if you have tried a flavour and loved it (Or even hated it) leave us a review as this helps us to improve and helps other customers know what a flavour is like. 
All the best for 2022 and thank you for your continued support  :) 


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