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Do You Sell Pies? Stewed Apple And Caramel 100ml

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Stewed Apple Flavoured E-Liquid by DripDrop Vapour

A Delicate Infused Apple & Caramel Pastry, Baked at 180°c, Allowed To Cool Before Being Surrounded In Chubby Gorilla Dark Bottles.

Add Nicotine To The Mix & You Have A Fantastic Dessert ADV That Will Leave You Craving A Cup Of Tea 

Named in homage to our Cleveleys store due to it being a bakery before we took it over. And yes, we still get customers coming in asking “Do you sell pies?”

0mg Shortfill

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My No1

I’ve tried quite a few fruit/dessert flavours and have found nothing to beat this!

This flavour recipe is near perfection!

I have struggled to find a decent apple flavour desert flavour until I tried this, my quest is complete!
The balance is just right, not too sweet, apple on the inhale and you can taste the pie with apple on the exhale.
I've had friends try it and it's always the same reaction wanting to know where I get it from.


This was the 1st liquid I bought and I've bought again and again u love it

Top 10 No.6

This is totally different to my normal flavours I normally go for fruit and menthols and I've never enjoyed any desert flavours or at least never done a full bottle of any desert ever buy this blew me away and I've been through two full bottles of it and enjoyed every single drop it doesn't have the usual cakey pastry flavour that most have it's a strong apple and caramel not over sweetened perfect balance