Slam Berries E-Liquid 0mg 100ml Shortfill
  • Strawberries
  • Pomegranates & Blueberries
  • With A Hints Of Menthol

Slam Berries E-Liquid 0mg

A complex and intriguing mix of Strawberries, Pomegranate & Blueberries with a  subtle Menthol on the inhale. 
This will become your next ADV without a doubt if you enjoy fruit vapes!
    Premium UK E-Liquid

    What Strength & Ratio ?

    • How Many Nicotine Shots Do I need?

    2 x  Nicotine Shots will make our 100ml Shortfills 3mg.

    (If you require 6mg, you will need to remove 20ml from the 100ml shortfill & add 4 x 18mg Nicotine Shots - but this will weaken the flavour)

    • What Will My Ratio Be?

      2 x PG shots will be approximately 55VG
      2 x VG shots will be approximately 80VG.
      1x VG & 1 X PG will be approximately 60VG

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Another Lovely Juice

    Had this juice a number of times and just really enjoy it. I usually get bored of one flavour after a few days but this is usually a juice I used for much longer. Also the price is fantastic as always. Would love to see more 100ml flavours added but at this price, the selection available and the very fast delivery (despatches usually within 20 mins of ordering and arrives usually next day) makes me love using DDV.

    robert vandalli
    Great recommendation

    Popped in the clevelys store as I was down to my last 5ml 😂 usually only go with blackcurrant menthol but decided it was time to change it up abit so the lad over the counter (should know his name by now) recommended this it's pretty brilliant I will be honest the flavours match the label and the menthol earns its place thanks again ddv 👊 I prefer this over the other 50ml I reviewed I couldn't be bothered writing so I copy and pasted currently smoking this it's a game changer 👉💀

    Moran Sapanjos

    The title says it all, really.

    Pomegranate is dominant on low wattage, but the blueberry and strawberry really shine at higher wattage. Menthol is not as strong as I initially thought it would be, it's very smooth. Absolutely blown away by this liquid and it will definitely be my ADV from now on.

    Massive thank you to Anthony for recommending it! :)

    Danni Buckinger
    Slam Berries

    My partner won't use any other flavour, he absolutely loves it, we always have a few bottles in as he can't stand being without it
    I wasn't a fan at first, couldn't get my head around the flavours, but it definitely grew on me, just gotta give it a chance

    Aminur Rahman
    Fed up of these fake 5 star reviews

    Another botel waste of money

    I don't see why you believe the reviews are fake?
    Because customers like certain flavours that you don't?
    Maybe you have superior taste buds compared to the rest of the UK?
    & both reviews you kindly left, you've rated them 5 stars. Thanks :)