CITRUS RUSH E-Liquid 0mg 100ml Shortfill
  • Citrus- Lemon & Orange
  • A Monster Flavour!
  • Energy Perfection

Citrus Rush E-Liquid 100ml

A flavour that packs a punch and hits you like a motorbike ride on the race track.
A MONSTER flavour
Premium UK E-Liquid

    What Strength & Ratio ?

    • How Many Nicotine Shots Do I need?

    2 x  Nicotine Shots will make our 100ml Shortfills 3mg.

    (If you require 6mg, you will need to remove 20ml from the 100ml shortfill & add 4 x 18mg Nicotine Shots - but this will weaken the flavour)

    • What Will My Ratio Be?

      2 x PG shots will be approximately 55VG
      2 x VG shots will be approximately 80VG.
      1x VG & 1 X PG will be approximately 60VG

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Mark Cooper
    Not quite what I expected

    I am afraid to say that this juice is not at all what I expected - too harsh and chemical for my liking. May have to bin it - shame really.

    Marc Haywood
    Very little flavour

    Very little flavour

    Danni Buckinger
    3mg Citrus Rush

    My #1 favourite flavour.
    Tastes amazing, flavour is spot on, nice and strong.
    Refreshing on a warm day.

    Roxanne N Crouch
    Tasty is an understatement

    This citrus vape is so full of flavour its amazing. It's so lemony without being to tart. A truly refreshing flavour

    Citrus rush

    This is my daily vape for a while nice 1