0.13 Kanthal A10.15 SS316L


NexMESH OFRF mesh coil outsmarts the regular coils when it comes to flavor production. There are two varieties of NexMESH OFRF mesh coil available. These are Kanthal A1 NexMESH Mesh Coil and SS316L NexMESH Mesh Coil! Intricate micro-weave netting offers a greater surface area. This produces a better flavor experience because of the even heat distribution.
OFRF NexMESH Coil Takes To The Next Level Of Flavor Chasing
Flavor chasing is one of the key reasons behind vaping. Keeping that in mind, NexMESH introduces two different mesh coils for a powerful flavor experience. These are Kanthal A1 NexMESH Mesh Coils and SS316L NexMESH Mesh Coils! The coil strips are designed specifically for the Profile series.
These coils heat incredibly fast and deliver intense flavor. They have 3x more piercing compared to standard coils resulting in a large surface area. Because of the larger surface area, the coil heats faster and distributes heat evenly. Thus, the chance of burn spots becomes less compared to other wire coils.
The Kanthal A1 nexMESH Mesh Coil is made of Kanthal material with a built-in resistance of 0.13ohms. The coil measures 16mm by 6.8mm and can be placed easily on the profile RDA or RTA. For the best performance, the recommended wattage range is 60W-70W. The Kanthal A1 coil has round shaped holes with plenty of surface area.
The other coil replacement variant is the SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil. It is the first coil claimed to have temperature control ability. This is a 0.15 ohm mesh coil with a stainless-steel built. For the ultimate performance, set the wattage level between 65W-75W. However, the wattage range varies between 50W–80W. The coil can bear the temperature range between 180-300 / 350-570. The holes in the OFRF NexMESH ss316L mesh coil are hexagonal.
Both the coils deliver great flavor. However, for those who enjoy profound flavour the SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil is the perfect choice. SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil sets a new standard for the mesh RDA/RTAs.
  • Kanthal A1 nexMESH Mesh Coil
    • 0.13 ohm
    • 16mm by 6.8mm
    • 60 to 70W Recommended Range
  • SS316L nexMESH Mesh Coil
    • 0.15 ohm
    • Wattage Range: 50W – 80W
    • Recommended Wattage Range:65W – 75W
    • Temperature Range: 180℃-300℃ / 350℉-570℉

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