Euc 0.3 CeramicEuc 0.5 CeramicEUC CCELL 1.0Ω 10-13WEUC MESH COIL 0.6

Vaporesso EUC coils

Pack of 5 genuine replacement Vaporesso EUC & CCELL coils
Compatible with the following Vaporesso tanks:
Attitude tank
Estoc tank
Veco tank
VM tank 22

Coils in the Vaporesso EUC series:

0.3Ω Ohm - ceramic (35-40W)
0.5Ω Ohm - ceramic (25-35W)
0.6Ω Ohm - mesh (16-22W)
1.0Ω Ohm - ceramic (10-13W)



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